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開発者 David Briggs
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Protect the safety of your neighbourhood with SpeedSpy.

Ever wondered how fast that flash sports car was going when it passed you? Worried about the speed of traffic outside your childs school? SpeedSpy enables you to monitor the speed of other road users in a similar manner to traffic police: by timing between fixed points. Unlike the police, the fixed points are measured using the iPhones built in GPS or by using the inbuilt Maps and now data from your camera.

It will also give your average speed between 2 points, helpful for average speed traps being deployed across major works, and the speed between 2 points measured from the iPhones maps, should you wish to check the speed of traffic outside your home.

4 timing modes are:

Static Mode.
Protect the safety of your neighbourhood, school, etc. by timing the speed of vehicles between 2 points measured using the inbuilt maps.

Self Mode
Protect your licence and avoid fines using self mode. Time yourself between 2 points, for example through average speed traps.

Chase Mode
In chase mode check speed of target vehicle while on the move. Helps pass the time on long journeys.

Photo Mode
Take 2 photos of your target vehicle and use SpeedSpy to calculate its speed. Your iPhone stores data with each photo on your location, direction of the photo and timing.

Speed spy maintains a log of your findings which can be exported from you iPhone via emailed for you own records.